Frequently Asked Questions

Microcurrent is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that greatly benefits most people. Microcurrent treatments help reduce/prevent the signs of aging by rejuvenating and toning your skin, and highlighting the contours of your face, as well as detoxifying your body by promoting lymphatic drainage. Most people do great with microcurrent, but some people with the following conditions/contraindications need to be cautious:

• Epilepsy
• Major heart conditions/pacemaker
• Pregnancy
• Active cancer, especially skin cancer
• Metal plates/pins in head

Generally, you need to wait two weeks after receiving any kind of fillers before you get facial treatments–but we always suggest that you ask your doctor for his/her advice and we will follow it! Please make sure to schedule your appointment according to your doctor’s advice.

To understand microcurrent, picture going to the gym (a fancy, pampering spa-gym). We are trying to create a muscle memory and heal your skin from the inside out. The results are cumulative and the more regularly you come the better your results, and the longer they last. We recommend a weekly treatment for best results, that is why we created our Microcurrent Club! You can easily set up your appointments from wherever you are, and the savings are amazing! (It is not recommended to have microcurrent more than once a week-you don’t want to fatigue your facial muscles.)

Microdermabrasion is a great way to refresh and exfoliate your skin. It brightens your skin, removes dead skin cells, and helps with fine lines. But too much exfoliation can actually harm your skin, so we recommend microdermabrasion no more than once a month. If your skin is more sensitive or thinner you may need it only a couple times a year. (Microdermabrasion is not recommended for people who have severe rosacea, inflamed acne, or people using Retin-A or other strong prescriptions from a doctor.)

Generally, people do not leave red! Our treatments are gentle, and you can go right back to your day after visiting Aglow without any down-time. That being said–of course some people have very sensitive skin or skin that often flushes easily, and we will take extra precautions to go gently with those people. For the rare person who leaves a bit flushed, the redness usually disappears within the hour.

No, you can go right back to your day after a treatment. We always recommend that you use sunscreen for the week following a microdermabrasion appointment. As for a microcurrent appointment, since it works to detoxify your skin, we recommend drinking a lot of water afterward.

Sure! Your skin will be moisturized and glowing after your treatment so why not go out and celebrate!

Aglow offers what we like to call “treatments”–meaning, results-oriented facials. We will focus on using microcurrent and microdermabrasion to deeply improve your skin. However, we still cleanse you with our wonderful DNA organic products, use aromatherapy to relax you with our doTERRA essential oils, and finish with a face and neck massage. (Extractions upon request, and time willing)

Most people see a visible difference in their skin after just one treatment! We always work on one side of a person’s face and show them the results before we move on to the other side. Most people will see their features more highlighted/contoured as well as a softening of lines around the mouth and eyes. The results of just one treatment usually last for 5-7 days. As time goes on, these results improve and last longer and longer!

You do, however, continue to need the stimulation of microcurrent to “remind” the facial muscles to go back to where they should be, and to continue to rejuvenate and replenish skin cells, increase collagen production, and improve lymphatic drainage. This is a practice to introduce into your life as a kind of self-care regimen.

It is an amazing practice, but microcurrent is not a facelift (however much some spas call it a “natural facelift”). Instead, microcurrent offers a non-invasive middle ground–a treatment that gives you a natural, subtle alternative to harsh surgeries. With regular treatments, fine lines will diminish, deeper lines will soften, and you will see a wonderful tightening and contouring of your facial features!

Because microcurrent promotes new cell growth (usually a good thing), it cannot distinguish between healthy cell growth and cancerous cell growth. Some studies warn that it could make active skin cancer worse. (Microcurrent would never CAUSE skin cancer, but it could potentially stimulate new cancer growth in someone who already has cancer.) If there are one or two places where skin cancer has been removed, we can sometimes avoid treating those areas, but if skin cancer is widespread it’s better not to take any chances.

Microdermabrasion does not stimulate skin cancer, but just like any chemical peel or exfoliating treatment, we need to make sure that your skin is healed properly. We would avoid any spot that is not yet healed or is too sensitive.

We ask that all our clients-however long standing-keep us informed of any unusual skin changes and see their dermatologist on a regular basis.

Yes, please, for a couple reasons: First, because microcurrent is detoxifying, it can potentially move a bug more rapidly through your body, increasing the severity of your symptoms and making you feel worse. The other reason is, we don’t want to become sick ourselves and be unavailable to work! Nor, do we want any subsequent clients to get sick either.

If you are feeling ill, let us know-we’ll help you reschedule. Stay home and have soup and tea and feel better! We’ll be delighted to see you next time, when you can really enjoy your treatment!

Yes. A cold sore is highly contagious and any facial treatment will also exacerbate it. It usually takes two weeks to heal, please schedule your appointment after that time.

Yes. Sunburned or windburned skin needs to heal before any facial treatment. Mild moisturizers and aloe vera are what is called for. As soon as the sensitivity goes away we’ll be happy to treat you!

Microcurrent is a great treatment before a vacation or a special event! We recommend that you try it once or twice first, just to know how your skin responds, but it will usually make your skin tightened, toned and all aglow!

Microdermabrasion, however does not mix well will sun-soaked days. Microdermabrasion removes a layer of dead skin, making your skin more sensitive to sun. We always recommend you use plenty of sunscreen after a microdermabrasion treatment and wear a hat, so it is better to schedule your treatment when you get back!

The Microcurrent Club allows you to come every week if you’d like, for the lowest possible cost! We have three levels of memberships to meet your needs:

• Aglow treatments are usually $85 for microcurrent, $75 for microdermabrasion and $30 for the elastin infusion.

• With the Simple Membership, you can receive a weekly microcurrent treatment for only $150/month, making each treatment as low as $37.50 (a savings of $190)!

• The Essential Membership includes our microcurrent treatments as well as our elastin infusion for only $220/month. That makes each treatment as little as $55 (a savings of $240)!

• The Complete Membership gives you everything in the Essential Membership but also includes a once-a-month microdermabrasion treatment for only $275/month. That makes each treatment as little as $68.75 (a savings of $260)!

• Each membership also includes 2 gift certificates for a free treatment to give to your friends and family, and 10% discount on DNA products!

The fine print is really simple:

• Membership fees reoccur monthly
• You can cancel at any time
• Unused appointments will NOT roll over to subsequent months
• Cancellations within 24 hours will be treated as a No-Show and will result in the loss of that appointment.

We have a 24-hour cancelation policy. If you are a member and cancel within 24 hours or miss an appointment, it will result in the loss of that appointment. If you have an A La Cart Treatment, there will be a $25 cancelation fee to rebook. Emergency cancelations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

We want to make sure we give you the best possible service while respecting the time constraints of our other clients. So, if you’re running more than 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule your appointment to a later date. We will be delighted to see you when you come in next time! Our 24-hour cancellation policy may apply.

It is so convenient! No waiting for a receptionist to call you back, or sitting on hold for long periods of time. No miscommunications. No fuss. We’ve taken out the middle man!

Happen to wake up at 3 am and really want to secure your facial appointment? Go right ahead! Need to change your appointment? As long as you do it before 24 hours, no problem! You can upgrade your membership, change your method of payment, and make sure we have all your pertinent information before you come in!

We are located in Asheville’s historic Montford district, at 1 Zillacoa Street, Asheville NC, 28801. We are in the orange house on the corner of Zillicoa Street and Montford Avenue, 2nd door around the corner of the porch. Find us next door to Homewood Castle, and across the street from Highland Park.

Our hours are by appointment only:
• Monday: 10am-5pm
• Tuesday: 12pm-7pm
• Wednesday: 10am-5pm
• Thursday: 12pm-7pm
• Friday: 10am-5pm
Hours subject to change…

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