How to Book an Appointment

Aglow’s website is designed to give you the power to book yourself whenever you want! Never again worry about getting in touch, wrangling over appointment times or explaining why you need to reschedule–come in when you want. Period.

We’ve laid out our our step-by-step scheduling process below, please take a look! This is the fastest way to overcome 99% of all scheduling problems–even faster than a phone call!

You’ll find solutions to common problems that crop up in the booking process, how to use Promo/GROUPON codes, how create an account and quickly book an appointment. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

(If you’re just having trouble with your GROUPON and want to skip ahead, please click here to jump to step )

Choose Your Treatment

First, navigate to our A la Carte Treatment or Memberships page and click on the treatment that you want to schedule. If you need more information about our fantastic services, please take a look at our Microcurrent and Microdermabrasion information pages.

Search for an Appointment Time

Next, check our schedule to find an appointment time that works for you. Our scheduler is set up to check an entire week for the perfect time, so click on a date around which you’re thinking of coming in–our scheduler will show you open appointment times for the whole week following that date. Want to see times before the date you chose? Just click on an earlier date to see earlier times.

Clicking on a date highlights the week starting on that date:

Once you’ve selected the week you want to search, just hit the search button to see all the available appointments that week. Only open appointment times will be shown, so if you don’t see the time you want, unfortunately, it means that time is already booked by someone else. Just keep looking to find another great appointment time!

Input any Promo/GROUPON Codes