Microcurrent restores and revitalizes your skin on a cellular level. The secret is microcurrent’s ability to enhance your body’s natural rhythms: toning, tightening and rejuvenating from the inside out.

An alternative to invasive surgeries and toxic fillers, microcurrent provides a natural, relaxing and non-invasive path to healthy, vibrant skin.

Microcurrent therapy works by producing a tiny electrical current that mirrors the body’s natural electrical signals. The current is so small you can barely feel it, but it works wonders, revitalizing your skin, and lifting and toning your face.

More than Skin Deep

Microcurrent is fantastic for your skin. It reinvigorates skin cells, stimulates and tightens sagging skin, and minimizes wrinkles. But microcurrent does’t stop with the surface of your skin. It goes deeper still, detoxifying your skin on a cellular level, stimulating the production of collagen, and promoting a healthier, younger-looking complexion from the bottom up.

And still, it doesn’t stop there. Microcurrent works below your skin too, naturally toning and tightening the muscles of your face and producing what many call a “natural facelift.” Over time, everyone’s facial muscles tend to lengthen and sag, giving in to gravity and settling into their most-used positions. Microcurrent reverses these effects by toning facial muscles and adding contour and lift.

At Aglow, we gently work into the muscles of your face to highlight your neck, jawline and cheekbones–as well as the skin under your eyes, brows, neck and forehead–lightly lifting and contouring the natural structure of your face. Our specialized treatment works much like an exercise routine: we stimulate and re-educate muscles, revitalize tissues and skin, and give your face a healthy, tightened glow.

That’s why, at Aglow, we encourage memberships instead of individual treatments. While most people see a difference in their first treatment, the results of microcurrent are cumulative. It works best when you come in once a week, exercising your skin and facial muscles, just like a healthy workout routine at the gym–except, you get to relax and be pampered, instead of sweating on a treadmill.

Reveal your inner glow. You deserve it.

A Brief History

Microcurrent has been tried and tested. Commercial microcurrent machines were first released 50 years ago, as a way to bring back healthy skin cells in burn victims. Later, innovative physicians used microcurrent to stimulate atrophied muscles in patients suffering from stoke, and to allay the effects of cerebral and Bell’s palsy. Microcurrent has since evolved to treat many conditions, including macular degeneration and many muscular injuries.

For years, however, the benefits of microcurrent as a skincare treatment have been a closely kept secret-used only by celebrities, and in specialized centers in Europe.

The secret is out!

Today, you have access to the same microcurrent treatment enjoyed by the biggest stars. You can experience a safe, natural and non-invasive solution to keep your skin healthy and young.

What Microcurrent Can Do

• Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Balance skin tone and skin texture
• Restore smoother, firmer skin
• Tighten enlarged pores
• Diminish scars
• Reduce puffiness
• Lift jowls and eyebrows
• Minimize sun damage
• Enhance the body’s natural collagen and elastin production
• Build muscle tone in the face and neck
• Improve circulation
• Encourage lymphatic drainage
• Increase cellular metabolism (ATP uptake)
• Re-hydrate skin
• Increase product penetration
• Aid in exfoliation

Is Microcurrent for Everyone?

Although Microcurrent is very gentle, there are a few situations where it might not be the best treatment for you. At Aglow, we want to care for you to the best of our ability. In some cases, we may be unable to treat you, or may require a doctor’s note prior to treatment, or we may just need to make sure that enough time has passed since an injury.

Please contact us about the following conditions:

  • Active cancer, including skin cancer
  • Illnesses, including fever, nausea, cold etc.
  • Dysfunction or disorders of the nervous system
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart disease conditions, arrhythmia, high or low blood pressure
  • Pacemakers, implanted or other electrical stimulatory devices such as electronic nerve, muscle or tissue stimulation or implanted hearing aids.
  • Phlebitis and thrombosis
  • Malignant tumors or any undiagnosed growths or lumps or aneurisms
  • Areas with recent bruising or bleeding
  • Active cold sores/ herpes
  • Metal pins or plates
  • Fillers (e.g. Botox, Juvaderm etc..) within 2 weeks of treatment