Most people see a visible difference in their skin after just one treatment! We always work on one side of a person’s face and show them the results before we move on to the other side. Most people will see their features more highlighted/contoured as well as a softening of lines around the mouth and eyes. The results of just one treatment usually last for 5-7 days. As time goes on, these results improve and last longer and longer!

You do, however, continue to need the stimulation of microcurrent to “remind” the facial muscles to go back to where they should be, and to continue to rejuvenate and replenish skin cells, increase collagen production, and improve lymphatic drainage. This is a practice to introduce into your life as a kind of self-care regimen.

It is an amazing practice, but microcurrent is not a facelift (however much some spas call it a “natural facelift”). Instead, microcurrent offers a non-invasive middle ground–a treatment that gives you a natural, subtle alternative to harsh surgeries. With regular treatments, fine lines will diminish, deeper lines will soften, and you will see a wonderful tightening and contouring of your facial features!



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